Fret House 2017 NAMM Show Report January 25, 2017 13:26

We just got back from our 45th NAMM Show (the huge music merchant's trade show in Anaheim). As usual, Tom walked the floor all four days, and our staff came down to meet our suppliers and check out new merchandise. Here are some of the highlights:


The Fret House will be now carrying Takamine guitars, which are distributed in the US by our friends at ESP. They'll help us serve our customers in the important $200-$500 price range. We may also stock some of their higher-end models in the future.


Rich and Tom with Jean GoodallWe had a great meeting with Jean Goodall, of Goodall Guitars. We scheduled three guitars for the year; a Rosewood Standard, a Concert Jumbo and a Parlor. This level of craftsmanship takes time, so one should arrive every few months, starting with the Rosewood Standard.


Tom and Brian with Greg DeLorto of Heritage GuitarsMore good news: we are stocking up on Heritage Guitars! The company has new owners, and we were impressed by their commitment to the brand. We ordered an H-535, and a series of their awesome new H-155s. Here is Tom and Brian meeting with Greg DeLorto of Heritage and two of the guitars we have coming.


Art and Luthierie GuitarsLastly, Godin Guitars of Canada has redesigned their Art and Luthierie line. It is certain to be the same great quality and value, with a fantastic new look. We will be getting at least eight of them right away, as well as some selections from their other great brands, Seagull and Godin.

There are also exciting new developments from Taylor, like the Academy Series and the GS-Mini Bass. More info on these as they they start to arrive.

Martin Guitars has new models in the 16 series, an exclusive Fishman Enhaced pickup system and new titanium strings.

The new Fender Pro Series will be in store soon, and much more.

Tom with huge skull




We wanted to get one of these, but where would we put it?