Service Shop - Repairs on Electronic and Acoustic Guitars at The Fret House

Instrument Repair at The Fret House

With our in house lutherie shop and outside partners, The Fret House is ready to help keep all your musical equipment healthy and sounding great. Guitar repair is done on the premises, and amplifier and orchestral repairs can be dropped off at the store. All of our staff are trained in guitar set up and diagnosis. Below is a sample of our prices for common jobs, though we usually need to examine an instrument to give an accurate estimate.

String Change
$16.00 + Strings
String Change - 12 String or Floyd Rose $24.00 + Strings
String Change Special (Martin Strings) $20.00 (Includes Strings)
Setup, Acoustic or Electric $50-$140 + Strings
Setup, 12 String or Floyd Rose $65-$140 + Strings
Intonate Electric Guitar $20.00
Adjust Truss Rod $10.00
Fret Dressing (Level, Crown, and Polish) $100
Carve Nut $50-$130 + Part
Carve Saddle $40-$100 + Part
Install Strap Button $12.00/ea. + Part
Install Pickup System, Acoustic $65.00 and up
Install Pickup/s, Electric $45.00 and up
Remove and Re-glue Bridge (Acoustic) $100
Crack Repair $20.00/per inch
Rewire Electric Guitar $80.00 and up
Install Skin Banjo Head $95.00 and up
Bench Rate $50/hr.

Free consultation, no appointment needed. For more information, call us at 626-339-7020.


Tom Seymour

Tom Seymour, the founder of The Fret House, has been in the guitar repair business since the 1960’s. Tom trains and supervises the Fret House staff in guitar repair. Tom also works on banjos and autoharps.

Henry Battle

A graduate of the Roberto Venn School of Luthiery, Henry Battle has been working in the Fret House shop since 2006. He has a loyal following for his guitar set-ups and fret work, and he also does guitar electronics.

Sammy Sanchez

Sammy Sanchez is a world renowned guitar technician who has worked for many big name acts, including Carlos Santana, Billy Gibbons, CSN, Larry Carlton and others. Sammy is a friend of the Fret House and advises us on certain jobs, or takes on work by special arrangement. His pricing schedule is different from that listed above.

Orlando Castañeda

Orlando’s Wind Instruments has been in business since 1988, repairing brass and woodwind instruments for student and professional musicians. They have a long standing relationship with The Fret House, maintaining our school band rentals, and repairing orchestral instruments for our customers.