Taylor AD17, 2021 American Dream Series, Natural

$ 1,499.00


Top wood Spruce
Back/Side Wood Ovankol
Fingerboard Eucalyptus
Nut Width 1-3/4"
Scale Length 25-1/2"
Taylor AeroCase


Taylor American Dream Series

Faced with challenges of 2020, the folks at Taylor Guitars got to work at what they do best: innovating and making great new guitars. Named for the shop where Bob Taylor got his start, these instruments bring an all solid wood, pro quality instrument to market at an affordable price, which might be just what a guitar player needs right about now. They are "Designed for the times", as Taylor puts it.

Here is Taylor's description of this model:

"This Grand Pacific model is the first of our round-shoulder dreadnoughts to feature back and sides of solid ovangkol, an African tonewood that shares rosewood’s warmth and brilliance with additional presence in the midrange. Topped with solid spruce, the AD17 serves up a blend of sparkle and clean low-end power, enhanced by V-Class bracing for greater volume, longer sustain, and a more in-tune sound. That seasoned, vintage-hued tone is reflected in this model’s strikingly classic look, with a natural top and a deep Urban Sienna color treatment for the ovangkol back and sides. Minimally decorated but finely crafted, the AD17 also features chamfered body edges, stained spruce edge trim, a three-ring rosette in Hawaiian koa, and a faux tortoiseshell pickguard. The 2.0 mil-thick matte body finish minimizes damping for unfettered resonance. It ships in a Taylor AeroCase."

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