Taylor AD24ce, American Dream Series

$ 1,999.00

Introducing the Taylor AD24ce, a masterful blend of craftsmanship, playability, and captivating aesthetics. Crafted with precision, this acoustic-electric guitar stands as a testament to Taylor's commitment to musical excellence.

At its core, the Taylor AD24ce features a solid Neo-Tropical Mahogany top, renowned for its warmth and resonance. Paired with Sapele back and sides, this combination delivers a balanced and nuanced sound with remarkable depth and projection. V-Class bracing dials up louder volume, longer sustain and greater harmony all the way up the neck

Equipped with Taylor's Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics, the AD24ce ensures your acoustic nuances translate seamlessly to amplified performances. Whether on stage or in the studio, the ES2 pickup system faithfully captures the natural beauty of your playing.

The Grand Auditorium body shape offers versatility suitable for a wide range of musical styles. Its comfortable size and ergonomic design make it a joy to play, whether strumming chords or exploring intricate fingerstyle arrangements. With its elegant simplicity, and Matte finish the AD24ce allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine. 

From its exceptional tone to its effortless playability, the Taylor AD24ce inspires musicians to reach new heights. Whether a seasoned professional or passionate enthusiast, this instrument offers quality, versatility, and style in one exquisite package.



Top wood Neo-Tropical Mahogany
Back/Side Wood Sapele
Fingerboard Wood Eucalyptus
Nut Width 1 3/4"
Scale Length 25-1/2"
Electronics ES2
Case AeroCase



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