Eastman SB59/V Antique Varnish, Amber, with case.

$ 1,839.00


Top wood Solid Flame Maple
Back/Side Wood One Piece Mahogany
Finish Antique Varnish
Fingerboard Ebony
Radius 12"
Nut (Bone) Width 1 11/16"
Scale Length 24 3/4"
Pickups (2) Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbucker


We're pleased to be housing Eastman's venture into the realm of solid-bodied electric guitars, the SB59/V. Steeped in over 500 years of lutherie, Eastman has created much more than a simple homage to an American single cutaway guitar from 1959- they've hand-carved their own niche. The SB59/V not only encompasses all those aspects of true guitar making that have, until now, been lost to time, but it also borrows from Eastman's heritage of fine orchestral instrument construction. By utilizing a four-step French polishing technique, the Antique Varnish series achieves a soft and thin finish that allows the hand-carved wood to truly breath and sing out, much like its violin predecessors. That very same breath-like and dynamic tone is only amplified when paired with Seymour Duncan's Antiquity Humbuckers.

Eastman's goal is to offer once inaccessible levels of craftsmanship at a price that won't leave you in Chapter 11, and they've certainly done it again with the SB59/V.

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